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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

4 day a week training

The next level down is everything but the AVP Pro training and Waupaca.

The cost of this program is $900 per player.

Max players in this group 16 and players must be evaluated to train in this group.


What’s included is:

·         April Weekend Clinics

·         May Weekend Training

·         Starting June 13th – August- 4 days a week, 2 1/2 -3-hour doubles training on both grass and sand.

·         Inter-Club tournament series where players are randomly matched up each week in a mini tournament. Points are recorded and at the end of the season top four players win swag and bragging rights.

·         Sand Uniform and Grass Uniform– New designs this year- Shorts and Jerseys (Jerseys have their names on them)

·         NCAA Optx ball

·         Home Tournaments