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SandYard Summer Doubles Club



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8 Month Program

SandYard Scorpions

Open National Team - Advance/Intermediate Training Level
8 Month Program 

Try outs will be in March. Please use our registration form to sign up your player.

Practices start in April on the weekends and for players still indoors, there will be one weekday practice offered. Competitions start in late April.  The National Team will continue to practice until late November to attend East Coast Championships in Florida.

 20 Spots available for National- Boys (10) and Girls (10)

Description: This group of players will work on advanced playing techniques to ensure they are ready to get plenty of playing time at the next level. The intent of participating in these training groups is to pursue the potential of playing beach volleyball collegiately.

Tryouts: Tryouts for this team will take place in March, but players are eligible to receive offers for our programs by registering for tryouts if they participated in the 2023 season. Everyone who attends tryouts will be considered for our National or Regional teams.

Practice Schedule:

~ April-May: Sand Practices on Saturday from 12-2pm and Sunday from 12-2pm. Sand Practices on Tuesday or Thursday 5-7pm or 7 - 9pm when weather is not forecast below 45 degrees during practice time.

June – August: Girls Tuesdays and Thursdays 10AM and Boys Wednesdays and Friday 6 - 8

September-November: Sand Practices on Saturday from 11-1pm and Sunday from 12-2pm. Sand Practices on Wednesdays 5-7pm or 7 - 9pm when weather does not forecast below 45 degrees during practice time.


​​Cost: $1600  National Team begins in April - Nov (End with East Coast Championships)
- includes practices, all home tournament entry fees (Excluding AVP 3 Star Events) and all scheduled tournament coaching (does not include travel or tournament entry fees) Uniforms (2 sets)
, Hoodie and ball. All Pro clinics. Payment Plans are available.


Recruiting: Recruiting help is included for all our National players but is especially extensive this coming season for the Class of 2025. The class of 2026 has a large amount of recruiting work to be done leading up to June 15, 2023, and beyond. All players on our National Team will receive general recruiting advice and services from SandYard Volleyball, but the Class of 2026 and 2027 will be the priority.

Pairings: For tournaments, National Team partners will have a selection of tournaments where they choose their own partners and a selection of tournaments where partners will be chosen by SandYard Volleyball coaching staff.

National Away Tournaments

3 Month Program

SandYard Sharks


Practice Schedule:

June- August: 

Coach Bill Roth’s Squad- Tuesdays and Thursdays 6 – 8PM

Coach Aaron’s Squad- Wednesdays and Fridays 4 – 6

Coach Abe’s Squad- Tuesdays and Thursdays 10A – 12P

Cost: $900 - includes practices, and all scheduled tournament coaching (does not include travel or tournament entry fees) Uniforms (2 sets) and ball. Payment Plans are available.


Description: The focus of our Regional Program is to allow players to grow as doubles volleyball players without requiring a large practice or tournament commitment. Our goal is to prepare our Regional Team members to transition to the Travel Team level in future seasons. 

Tournaments: Regional Team members are required to make their travel tournament commitments by the end of May. If plans change, parents must notify SandYard Volleyball at a minimum of 6 weeks before the tournament. Backing out of a tournament will affect pairings for ALL tournament participants - failing to notify us in advance will result in a loss of your tournament entry fee. Coaches will accompany the team to all tournaments. Tournament coaching fees are accounted for in your dues. 

Recruiting: Recruiting assistance is not included for Regional Team members but can be purchased as an added package. Additionally, partners are not guaranteed for collegiate showcase events, should a Regional Team member choose to attend. 

Partners: For tournaments, Regional Team partners will be chosen by SandYard Volleyball coaching staff. There will be circumstances where we allow Regional Team members to play tournaments with players outside of our club if we feel it is best for the individual growth of that player.

Regional Away Tournaments

Payment Plans

2023 SandYard Uniforms

Fanny Chapman Park

Doylestown PA