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SandYard Ambassador Program

Ambassadors make up a dedicated group of philanthropic volleyball players who come together to spread awareness and raise funds for annually selected charities.

The Ambassador team is made up of like-minded players and professionals of all ages and levels, and together, will try to help the world!



All ages. All levels.

Juniors, Amateurs, Professionals, and Officials.

Ambassadors serve as leaders in their communities and commit to supporting their communities in ways such as spreading awareness with friends, family, and networks, volunteering and participating in fundraising events.

Ambassadors pledge to make positively represent SandYard in addition to awareness raising activities. Ambassadors also volunteer their time during SandYard Volleyball events.



SandYard Ambassadors’ efforts to raise funds and awareness will make a difference.

Fundraising initiatives such as bake sales, birthday parties, silent auctions, Junior/Adult Tournements and Dinosaur Tournaments are put on by Ambassadors throughout the year. These endeavors not only raise awareness for our annually selected cause, but the proceeds from Ambassador fundraisers go directly to the charity. 

2023 Ambassador Charity

This year SandYard Volleyball Ambassadors will be raising funds for AVPFirst.

AVPFirst was founded in 2016 as the signature 501(c)(3) nonprofit programming entity of the AVP with a mission to improve the health and well being of underserved youth through the sport of beach volleyball. Regardless of a child’s economic status or the neighborhood in which they reside, AVPFirst’s goal is to ensure volleybALL truly is for ALL. We accomplish this by providing kids, their families and communities with the highest-quality clinics, court construction projects, coaching education workshops, community leagues, and more, all at absolutely no cost to them.

2022 SandYard Ambassadors