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Summer is a busy time for families. At SandYard Beach Academy, you can plan your player's training around your family schedule!

In the 2023 season, June - August, training is offered to players four days a week and divided into two training periods 5 weeks long.

Your player may come 4 days a week, 2 days a week, or even one day a week, it is up to your family. Your payment gives your player access to as many practice days in their training group during the five week period as you would like. Obviously, the more your player trains, the faster they will excel.

Since sand doubles doesn't require a team of 10 to be present to practice, we have so much more opportunity to focus on individual player skills. 

Players must master all aspects of volleyball and no one is specialized.

Your player will have access to all of coaches!

We believe that all our coaches have excellent skill sets that all our players can benefit from so your player may work with Coach Mel on defense, Coach John on serving, Coach Jackie on offense, Coach Mason on setting or Coach Allison on blocking. Then the following week, work with Coach Allison on right side attack, Coach Jackie on spot attacks, Coach Josh on setting, Coach Mason on Jumbos and Coach Mel on over head passing.

Your player will get the benefit of many coaches helping them excel to the top of their capabilities.